How do I view my Centtrip transactions?

Transactions can be viewed in 'View Transactions' on the mobile app, or in 'Transactions' on a desktop.


Where can I find my Centtrip account reference?

Your account reference is provided on the 'Load Account' page.


How do I save custom views when managing expenses?

Instantly save and re-run your tailored transaction data at any time, complete with your selected filters and fields.


How do I make payments?

Make secure and cost effective payments within seconds and without limits.


Can I make payments in batch?

Yes! Depending on your requirements, there are several ways to make a batch payment.


How do I make a batch payment with FX?

Make hundred of multi-currency payments effortlessly with Centtrip's FX Batch Payments feature.


What is CenttripNow and how can I use it to make instant payments?

CenttripNow allows you to instantaneously transfer funds between Centtrip accounts without incurring any fees.


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