What currencies can I manage with my Centtrip account?

You can hold and manage 15 currencies on your Centtrip account and cards.

Payments can also be made in a further 16 currencies, by converting funds from the Buy Currency tab of your account, and selecting the external bank account for onward payment. Please see below for more details on how currencies can be held and managed.

Currency Card Account Payments
GBP - British Pound Yes Yes Yes
EUR - Euro Yes Yes Yes
USD - United States Dollar Yes Yes Yes
AUD - Australian Dollar Yes Yes Yes
CAD - Canadian Dollar Yes Yes Yes
CHF - Swiss Franc Yes Yes Yes
DKK - Danish Krone Yes Yes Yes
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar Yes Yes Yes
ILS - Israeli Shekel Yes Yes Yes
JPY - Japanese Yen Yes Yes Yes
NOK - Norwegian Krone Yes Yes Yes
NZD - New Zealand Dollar Yes Yes Yes
PLN - Polish Zloty Yes Yes Yes
SEK - Swedish Krona Yes Yes Yes
ZAR - South African Rand Yes Yes Yes
AED - UAE Dirham - - Yes, with FX
BGN - Bulgarian Lev - - -
CZK - Czech Koruna - - Yes, with FX
HRK - Croatian Kuna - - Yes, with FX
HUR - Hungarian Florint - - Yes, with FX
KES - Kenyan Shilling - - Yes, with FX
KWD - Kuwaiti Dinar - - Yes, with FX
MXN - Mexican Peso - - Yes, with FX
OMR - Rial Omani - - Yes, with FX
QAR - Qatari Rial - - Yes, with FX
RON - Romanian Leu - - Yes, with FX
SAR - Saudi Riyal - - Yes, with FX
SGD - Singapore Dollar - - Yes, with FX
THB - Thai Bhat - - Yes, with FX
TRY - Turkish Lira - - Yes, with FX
UGX - Uganda Shilling - - Yes, with FX

Adding currencies to your account

You can add currencies not currently shown in your Centtrip account dashboard by clicking 'Add Currencies':

Add Currencies.png

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