How can I download my Cardholder Labels to use as Corporate Labels?

Save time when creating Corporate Labels, by using your existing cardholder labels. Export in just a click, add the accounting codes and simply re-upload in batch to your chosen Corporate Label Group.

  1. Sign into Expense Management and click the 'Cardholder Labels' button to export.
  2. Edit or add to the list as required, and enter an Alternative Value for each label.
Corp Labels Template (2).png
  1. Once complete, select 'CORPORATE LABELS' in Expense Management.
  2. Identify the Group you want to add your new labels to (or create a new Group) and click 'Import'.
2 (29723649817).png
  1. Re-upload your XLS file and click 'Next' to import your labels as Corporate Labels.
Corp Labels Template (1).png

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