What can I do to keep my Centtrip card secure?

Centtrip are committed to keeping your money safe. As a reminder, PLEASE NEVER SHARE SENSITIVE INFORMATION OR SECURITY CODES, VIA ANY MEANS.


  • Share personal, account or card details, whether by phone, email, SMS, chat, or by entering information into your phone.
  • Provide full or partial digits from your 16 digit Centtrip card number, or ask you to enter this anywhere. Your full card number is only used for purchases - never give this number to ANYONE in any circumstances, other than when making a purchase yourself.
  • Provide (or key-in) Centtrip security or verification codes sent to you by email, SMS or generated in the app.
  • Transfer money to another account which is not in your name.

Please be vigilant - scammers are continually seeking new ways to attempt to ellicit sensitive information from you.

IF EVER IN DOUBT - If you are ever unsure as to whether a communication about your account is genuine, please IGNORE IT and/or END THE CALL IMMEDIATELY. Contact us directly using the details on our website, or speak to your Account Manager.

Best Practice Security Measures

Never share sensitive information or security codes We will never ask you to provide personal, account or card details via phone, email or SMS. Nor will we ask you to give us any codes sent to you by email, SMS or generated in the app.
Treat your card like real cash Protect cards against theft, loss and unauthorised use with the same level of care used to protect cash or cards used for personal purposes. Do not write down or share PINs, passwords or any card information, and do not take photographs of the card.
Lock your card when not in use Visit the app menu to instantly lock your card and prevent any payments or withdrawals. Unlock it again any time for immediate use.
Monitor card activity Check your transactions regularly to ensure there is no unexpected activity. Lock your card and contact us straight away if you notice anything unusual.
Set transaction alerts Receive an instant notification of any unusually high spend, by setting an alert for transactions over a specified amount.
Withdraw cash safely Always use a reputable bank ATM to withdraw cash - access the Mastercard ATM locator via the app to quickly find your nearest one. Shield your PIN from when when entering into an ATM or card machine.
Block a lost or stolen card Any lost or stolen cards should be blocked immediately (this can be done by the cardholder or any administrator via the web portal, mobile app or by phone) and reported to Centtrip so a replacement can be ordered.
Transfer card funds as required The Centtrip card requires funds to be preloaded – it does not automatically draw from the account. As funds can be transferred to and from cards instantly 24/7, we recommend maintaining card balances which are appropriate to the required and anticipated spend. Avoid holding excessive balances for long periods.
If in doubt Be wary of anyone contacting you claiming to be from Centtrip. If you are ever unsure as to whether a communication about your account or card is genuine, please ignore it and contact Centtrip directly using the details on our website.

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We're available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Contact us by email to help@centtrip.com or phone +44(0)2037351735. For help with lost or stolen cards outside these hours, please call +44(0)2071278130.