What can I do to keep my Centtrip card secure?

Here are some of our best practice tips to help you keep your card and your money extra secure.

  • Treat your card like real cash - ensure you keep your card in a safe place and never reveal your PIN to anyone - Centtrip will never ask you for this.

  • Lock your card when not in use - visit the app menu to instantly lock your card and prevent any payments or withdrawals. Unlock it again any time for immediate use.

  • Monitor card activity - check your transactions regularly to ensure there is no unexpected activity. Lock your card and contact us straight away if you notice anything unusual.

  • Withdraw cash safely - always use a reputable bank ATM to withdraw cash - access the Mastercard ATM locator via the app to quickly find your nearest one.

  • Block lost or stolen card - report your card as lost or stolen via the app to immediately block it and notify Centtrip. Contact our support team or your Administrator for a replacement.

  • Load funds as required - Administrators can transfer funds from account to card in seconds and as often as required, so there’s no need to hold excessive card funds.

Last updated on 3rd November 2021