How do I complete the transaction dispute form?

Please download and complete the TRANSACTION DISPUTE FORM carefully, with reference to the instructions below. Return your completed form to

Note -

  • If fraud has occured across multiple cards, please submit separate dispute forms for each card.
  • If more than one fradulent transaction has been made on a single card, please attach an account statement with each of these transactions highlighted.

Completing your form

dispute transaction image
Cardholder Name Enter the emboss name of the affected card.
Email Provide the cardholder’s email address.
16 Digit Card Number Input the first and last four digits of the affected card. If fraud has occured on multiple cards, please submit a separate Card Transaction Dispute Form for each card.
Cardholder ID Enter the ID of the affected card - you can find this by visiting the Manage Cards section of your account.
Retailer Name(s) Enter the name of the retailer or merchant associated with the fraudulent transaction. If fraud has occurred across multiple retailers, please enter ‘multiple’ and attach statements with the fraudulent transactions highlighted.
Transaction date Enter the date of the FIRST fraudulent transaction, in format: DD/MM/YYYY.
Transaction amount Enter the fraudulent transaction amount. If there have been multiple fraudulent transactions, enter the total amount and submit a statement with all instances highlighted. If transactions are in more than one currency, please list the total amount for each currency.
Currency List the currency code(s) for the currency / currencies which have been debited fraudulently. If multiple, please list them all e.g EUR / USD / GBP etc.

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