How do I activate my card?

Now that you have your shiny new Centtrip card, sign it on the reverse and follow these instructions to activate it.

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How do I load funds into my Centtrip Account?

It's quick and easy to add funds

funding my account
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How much does a card cost?

Details here

cards fees
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Is Centtrip Mastercard a debit or credit card?

The Centtrip multi-currency Mastercard is neither a credit, charge nor debit card. More here.

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How do I load my cards?

It's quick and easy to load your cards

cards funding
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How do I make payments?

Make secure and cost effective payments within seconds and without limits.

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Will I earn interest on my Centtrip account or card balance?

You will not earn any interest on either your Centtrip account or card.

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How do I enable Two-factor Authentication?

To enable Two-factor Authentication follow these steps

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