What are Centtrip's standard account and card fees and limits?

Standard Fees

Fee Type Amount
Card order fee* £10.00 per card
Annual card fee £10.00 per card
PIN reveal online FREE
PIN change via bank ATM £0.50
Card lock/unlock online/app FREE
View balances online/app FREE
Merchant dispute admin for chargebacks £20.00
Inactive card maintenance fee £2.50 per card, per month
Inactive Operating Account maintenance fee £20 per account, per month
Card replacement fee £10.00 per card
Transactions using Centtrip multi-currency Mastercard FREE
ATM withdrawals 1% of the value of the transaction, or a minimum fee of £1.60
FX on transactions in out-of-card currency** 2%

* Also subject to payment of any additional delivery and courier related charges.

** These are transactions in any currency that is outside of the available currency balance held on the card at the time of purchase.

Fees will be debited in the base currency of the account/card, or currency equivalent.

Account Fees

Please refer to the Fee Schedule of your Operating Account(s).

Card Limits

All accounts/cards are set up with the 'Standard' limits by default. Please contact your Account Manager or Client Support to request 'Increased' or 'Maximum' limits.

Limit Tier Daily Load Monthly Load Annual Load Max Card Balance Withdrawals
Standard £10,000 £100,000 £750,000 £100,000 up to 3 per day, totalling £750
Increased £50,000 £125,000 £1,000,000 £250,000 up to 3 per day, totalling £750
Maximum £150,000 £350,000 £1,260,000 £315,000 up to 3 per day, totalling £750

* Limits are in GBP, or currency equivalent.

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