What is a one-time batch payment?

Centtrip's one-time batch payment feature enables you to make one-off payments to multiple recipients


My Centtrip card has expired or expires soon, how can I renew it?

If your card has expired or is expiring soon, and you would like to arrange a replacement, visit Manage Cards to order a new one.


How do I check the mobile number registered to my Centtrip card?

If you are the cardholder, you can check and update the mobile number within the Centtrip app. Administrators can review the number within 'Manage Cards'


How do I make a batch payment with FX?

Make hundred of multi-currency payments effortlessly with Centtrip's FX Batch Payments feature.


How can I track and manage cash expenditure as an Administrator?

Track and manage all your transactions in one place, even those made in cash.


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