How do cardholders record cash transactions?

Record all of your transactions effortlessly via the Centtrip app, even those made in cash. Whether you've spent cash from an ATM, or cash received from an Administrator - create cash transactions and attach instant photo receipts and labels in a couple of taps.

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  1. From the 'VIEW TRANSACTIONS' screen of the app, switch to Cash (A) and tap + Add transaction (B).
  2. Enter the transaction details (C) and select Add receipt. Take a photo or select an image (D) and SUBMIT (E).
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  1. Press DONE to close the cash transaction summary (A).
  2. Next, Select Corporate Labels (B) and tap to open the first label group (C), in this example: Expense Type. (Note - these are custom to your organisation).
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  1. Then choose the relevant label from the group (e.g. Sustenance) (A).
  2. Once added, your label will be shown on the transaction details screen. Tap Select Corporate Labels again (B) and open the next label group (C). Repeat the process until all Corporate Labels have been added.

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