Where can I find out more about the changes to my payment services on 1st February 2024?

On 1st February 2024, the following changes were implemented and will apply to certain payments made from your Centtrip account


What are the additional validation requirements for payment recipients?

From 01/02/2024 onward, additional validation requirements will apply to your Centtrip payment recipients, to ensure greater accuracy and enhanced security around your transactions.


How can I check my card billing address for online transactions?

To review your billing address, sign into the Centtrip app, tap on the menu icon as shown below, and select 'Your Details'


Where can I find information on the Centtrip services which are temporarily unavailable from 31st December 2023?

Due to changes we are implementing to ensure that Centtrip complies with all its regulatory obligations, our card ordering and account creation services will be temporarily unavailable from 31st December. During this period you will be unable to order any new or replacement cards, or open additional accounts.


How do I set up an Operating Account?

To open a new *Operating Account*, simply complete our quick set-up form and return this to help@centtrip.com.


How do I give a user permission to order Centtrip cards?

If you are a Corporate Super Administrator, you can specify whether or not users on the account can order cards, within your User Management Dashboard. You can change these permissions any time.


How do I remove any outstanding funds from my account before it is closed?

Please ensure any funds left on your account or card are either spent, or transferred to a corporate bank account in your name.

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