How do I submit my card expense receipts, labels and notes?

You can attach photo receipts, labels and transaction notes instantly, as and when you spend via the Centtrip app. Alternatively, sign in via your desktop account to submit expenses on a weekly or monthly basis, or for multiple cards.

Submit individual expenses within the app -

Before you begin, ensure you have activated your card and signed into the app.

Watch 2-minute video -

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Submit weekly or monthly expenses via your desktop -

  1. Visit from your tablet or desktop computer, and sign in with the same details you use to access the app.
Cardholder desktop expenses - 1
  1. Click to expand the filters and select 'without receipts' to view outstanding expenses. Then 'Update'
Cardholder desktop expenses - 2
  1. Work through the list by clicking on an expense to open the details panel. You can then attach a receipt, select corporate labels and add your own labels and notes.
Cardholder desktop expenses - 3
  1. Vist the 'CASH' page from the left-hand menu, then 'Add transaction' to record expenditure using funds from a cash-top up or ATM withdrawal.
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