Where can I find out more about Centtrip's bank detail changes on 19th January 2024?

As part of changes to ensure Centtrip complies with all its regulatory obligations, our payment details will be updated on Friday 19th January 2023.

What do I need to do?

From 19th January 2024, please ensure you use our updated payment details whenever you load your account. This change will also affect FX conversions which you have chosen to settle by bank transfer.

Please remember to update any pre-existing details you may already have saved in your corporate bank account.

Where can I find the updated details?

Our updated details will be available in your account from 19th January. Please sign in, visit Load Account, and select a currency to view these securely.

To settle an FX conversion, please refer to your on-screen and email confirmation.

What happens if I use the old details in error?

Payments made using our pre-19th January details will be rejected and returned to your corporate bank account. You will need to make the transfer again using the new details. It may take several days for the funds to be returned to you, depending on your bank, currency and the date/time of the payment.

Which currencies does this affect?

These changes apply to payments made in ALL currencies. Please ensure you use the updated details.

What if I receive a warning message from my bank?

Banks may show a warning when you make a payment to the new account for the first time due to fraud prevention tools and processes. Please double-check that the details you've entered match those provided in the Centtrip platform exactly before confirming the payment.

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