How can I generate a report of expiring cards?

Note - you will only be able to view cards associated with accounts which you have Administrator access to. Corporate Super Administrators will be able to generate a comprehensive report comprising all Centtrip cards across all accounts.

  1. Sign into your Centtrip account and select Run Reports

  2. Configure the report settings as follows:

    • Ensure All Groups and All Accounts are selected
    • Enter any date range (e.g. today's date) - this is unimportant for this report.
    • Select All Currencies
    • Tick the box - Include currencies with zero balance and no movement
    • Choose Master Report from the Select Report Type dropdown.
    • Then choose any currency as your base currency - again it does not matter for this report.
report on exp cards 1 (1)

  2. You will receive an email when your report is ready. Hover over your name in the top-right, and click Requested Reports to download it.

report on exp cards 2 (1)
  1. Once downloaded, open the final tab of the spreadsheet, labelled Data.

  2. This sheet will show all of your Centtrip cards along with their expiry date (month and year). You can apply a filter to the Card Status column to hide any which have already been closed.

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