What are the additional validation requirements for payment recipients?

From 01/02/2024 onward, the following additional validation requirements will apply to your Centtrip payment recipients, to ensure greater accuracy and enhanced security around your transactions.

1) Recipient Name

Initials -

Full names are required; recipients which have only an initial in the first name or last name field for individuals will not be accepted. Each name field must contain at least one full name part


First Name Last Name Accepted?
Joe B. NO
J. Bloggs NO
Joe Bloggs YES
Joe M. Bloggs YES
Joe M. Bloggs YES

* This applies only for beneficiaries of type 'individual'.

Numeric Characters -

Individual's names should not include any numbers. Company names can include numbers, but should not be made up entirely of numbers.


First Name Last Name Accepted?
Joe 12B NO
J121 Bloggs NO
Joe Bloggs YES
Joe M. Bloggs YES
Joe M. Bloggs YES
Company Name Accepted?
12345678 NO
Acme 12 Ltd YES

Company Signifiers -

Company signifiers (e.g. Ltd, Inc, SA, GMBH etc.) must not be included in the Last Name field for individual recipients.


First Name Last Name Accepted?
Joe Bloggs Ltd. NO
Joe Bloggs Inc. NO

2) Recipient Address Details

The beneficiary address fields should not be populated with only numeric characters:

Address State/Province City Accepted?
12 Acme Road 123456 34235 NO
12 Acme Road 123456 LASD1415352 NO
123424 Illinois LASD1415352 NO
12 Acme Road Illinois LASD1415352 YES
12 Acme Road Illinois Chicago YES

Before making a payment to a recipient in your Centtrip account, please check that these requirements are met. If not, you can vist Add Recipient and set your beneficiary up as a new recipient.

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