How do I find my nearest compatible ATM?

The Centtrip prepaid card offers the highest cash withdrawal limits on the market, enabling you to withdraw up to £4000 per day from any major ATM.

To find your nearest chip-enabled ATM, we recommend using the Mastercard ATM Locator.

You can access this anytime via the Centtrip app - simply tap the app menu icon to open 'SETTINGS', select 'Atm Locator' and enter your location to search.

ATM Locator.png

Hints and tips

  • If given the option when withdrawing cash, always select ‘without conversion’ to avoid additional costs.

  • Where an ATM allows a choice, always withdraw cash in the local currency.

  • Don't yet have the app? Download now for your iOS or Android device, so that you can reveal your PIN, lock/unlock your card, view balances and transactions, upload receipts and more.

  • Access our Cardholder Guide for instructions on how to sign into and make the most of the app.

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