My card has been lost or stolen, what should I do?

Your card can be reported as lost or stolen and instantly locked via the Centtrip app. Once locked no debits or withdrawals can be made.

Report your card as lost or stolen using the app

  1. Open the Centrip app and tap the menu icon to open app 'SETTINGS'.

  2. Select ‘Lost or Stolen Card’.

  3. An instant alert will be sent to Centtrip and the card will be locked automatically.

  4. Contact Centtrip or your account administrator to order a replacement card. Any remaining card funds will need to be transfered back to your main account.

  5. Once ordered, your new card should take 7-10 working days to arrive. Meanwhile, no debits or withdrawals will be allowed.

Hints and tips

  • You can also lock your card from your desktop account from the settings menu. Please also contact Centtrip to order a replacement.

  • To lock your for card for later use, without reporting it as lost or stolen, select 'Lock or Unlock Card' from the app menu. The card can be unlocked later at any time and used immediately.

  • We recommend downloading the app for your iOS or Android device, so that you can lock/unlock your card anytime, view balances and transactions on the go and upload instant photo receipts.

  • Access our Cardholder Guide for instructions on how to sign into and make the most of the app.

  • Administrators can also lock/unlock any cards they manage on behalf of cardholders, as outlined above.

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We're available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Contact us by email to or phone +44(0)2037351735. For help with lost or stolen cards outside these hours, please call +44(0)2071278130.