What should I do if I notice a fraudulent transaction on my account?

If you notice a fraudulent transaction on your account, please take the following steps to block the card and raise a transaction dispute.

Fraudulent Transaction Process:

1. Lock the relevant card(s) immediately to prevent any further transactions. Once locked, no debits or withdrawals can be made.

2. Contact your account administrator to transfer any remaining card funds back onto your Centtrip account by following these steps and choosing 'Card to Account' as the transfer direction. Let us know if you need help with this.

3. Email our Support Team to close and re-issue a new card, which should arrive within 14 working days.

4. Complete our Transaction Dispute Form and return this via email, along with the relevant supporting documentation - this will be specified in the claim form.

5. Once we receive your claim, you should receive a response within 45 working days. If successful, a chargeback credit will be applied to your new card.

Please note: only 15 transactions can be disputed at any one time, so we would recommend raising the highest 15. A £10 replacement fee will apply to any re-issued cards.

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We're available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Contact us by email to help@centtrip.com or phone +44(0)2037351735. For help with lost or stolen cards outside these hours, please call +44(0)2071278130.