How do I load or unload my Centtrip cards in batch?

The 'Batch Load' feature enables you to save time by transferring one or more currencies to/from multiple cards, in one go:

Let us walk you through it:

Sign into your account and then click here to get a quick tutorial. Note: you must be signed in first.

- OR -

Follow the steps below:

Batch Load.png
  1. Sign in and visit the 'Load Card' tab.

  2. Click the 'UPLOAD BATCH' button. Contact us if you cannot see this option.

  3. Download either the XLS or CSV template provided on-screen.

  4. Input details of the currencies and cards you want to load/unload (more on this below)

  5. Save the template with a filename of your choice.

  6. Revisit the same 'UPLOAD BATCH' page of your Centtrip account, click 'CHOOSE A FILE...' and upload your saved template.

  7. You will receive an email confirmation once your file has been processed (this can take up to 30 minutes).

  8. Review the confirmation summary - any loads marked as 'Failed' will need to be reviewed, corrected and re-uploaded. All others have been successfully processed, so please do not re-upload these.

How to complete your batch load template

Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 10.15.32.png
  • Currency – use the dropdown to select the the three-letter code of the currency you would like to transfer.
  • Direction – select whether to transfer funds to or from the card (back into the account).
  • Cardholder - enter the cardholder ID (CHID). Don't know the CHIDs? Run this report.
  • Amount - enter the value you want to load/unload for that currency.

If you want to load multiple currencies for the same card, please enter each currency onto an individual row.

Why have some of my loads failed?

The most common reason for a failed card load is an incorrect Cardholder ID (CHID) in your submitted template. This may be a simple typo, but can also often occur if a card has been replaced and the old CHID has been entered. Please run this report to check the CHID, update your template and resubmit the failed row(s).

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