How do I add payment recipients to my account in batch?

Save time when adding multiple payment recipients to your Centtrip account. Our batch upload feature enables you to add hundreds of recipients in just one click, removing the need to create and verify each one individually.

Recipients Batch Load 1.png
  1. After signing into your account, visit the Recipients tab and click 'UPLOAD RECIPIENTS'.

  2. Scroll down and click either 'EXCEL TEMPLATE' or 'CSV TEMPLATE' to download the 'RecipientUploadTemplate’.

  3. Complete all relevant fields of the template for each recipient.

  4. Save your file and visit the same 'UPLOAD RECIPIENTS' page of your account (step 1).

  5. Follow the steps under 'Verify as Trusted Payee' to verify using either an App or email generated code.

  6. Click 'PICK A FILE...' and select your saved recipient template to upload it.

  7. Once processed, you will receive an on-screen notification confirming the number of successful/unsuccessful beneficiary uploads. Press 'OK' to view the details.

  8. Download the file provided - this will contain any unsuccessful recipients, along with the error reason. Example below:

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 17.40.39.png
  1. Correct the errors on this document and follow step 5 onwards to re-upload it in the same way.

  2. Once complete, you can make individual payments OR send payments in batch.

Hints and tips

  • You only need to re-upload the unsuccessful recipients, all others will have been processed successfully.
  • 'Verify as Trusted Payee' - when entering the first 4 digits of the new recipient’s Account Number or IBAN, please use the details of the first recipient in the batch.
  • The ‘Override’ field of the template can be used to update the details of an existing beneficiary; enter ‘Y’ into the row and the recipient (with the same nickname) will be updated accordingly.

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