How can I report on multiple cards and currencies?

Your Centtrip account enables you to run tailored transaction reports comprising multiple cards and currencies, over as long a time period as required. Instantly report on all cards linked to your account, or individually select the cards you would like to include.

  1. Sign into your account and scroll down to the 'CARD BALANCES' section at the bottom of your dashboard.

  2. Individually select the cards to include in your report by clicking the icons next to the relevant cardholder names, or instantly select all using the icon at the top.

  3. Depending on your preference, choose either 'EXPORT XLS' or 'EXPORT PDF'. To include expense receipts in your report, select the PDF format.

  4. Enter a date range of your choice and if you selected PDF format, tick ‘Include Images’ to add the receipts before exporting.

  5. Your report will take a moment to generate and download automatically to your browser.

Hints and tips

  • Read this quick guide on how to view closed and expired cards
  • Use this feature when you need to report on cards for a team or department, reconcile cards which are no longer required, or to check whether receipts have been submitted for a particular timeframe.
  • Click the table headers to sort by that field and use 'SEARCH' to instantly find the card(s) you are looking for.
  • Choose 'EXPORT PDF' and tick 'Include Images' to include receipts in your report.
  • Click 'RESET' to unselect all cards.
  • Access your account dashboard any time by clicking the Centtrip logo.

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