Can I receive Third Party Payments (TPPs) to my Centtrip account?

All payments sent to your Centtrip account must be from a specified account in the same name as the Centtrip account holder, unless you have received prior approval for a third party payment. (This is stated during account application.)

Third party payments sent without prior approval will be returned to the sender.

It can take between 3 and 15 working days for the payment to be returned once initiated by Centtrip (subject to the currency and banks involved). A fee of £20.00 or more may be charged by the intermediary bank(s) and deducted from the amount returned to the sender.

How do I request third party payment approval?

  1. Complete the ATP Application Form for the third party account you wish to receive payment from.
  2. Return your form, along with supporting documentation to Centtrip Compliance or your Account Manager.
  3. Await confirmation from Centtrip before proceeding with payment.

If approved, the sender will be set up as an Approved Third Party (ATP) in our system and will be able to send payments to your specified Centtrip account. Please ensure your CENT number is included as a payment reference, to avoid delays. This can be found in the Load Account section of your Centtrip account.

Please note - submitting your application will assist us in carrying out the necessary due diligence in accordance with our regulatory and legal requirements. However, all applications are considered on case-by-case basis and Centtrip has the right to reject an application, in line with our standard Terms and Conditions. For the purposes of completing the due diligence, you may be asked for further documentation and/information.

Do I need to request approval for each payment?

You must complete the form for each third party sender you wish to recieve funds from. Once the sender has been set up as an ATP, you do not need to complete the form for subsequent repeat payments from the same account.

However, a payment may still be returned if it falls outside of the pre-approved limits.

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