How do I enable Multi-factor Authentication?

To enable Multi-factor Authentication in the Centtrip app, follow these steps: Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 16.39.18.png

  1. Download the Centtrip mobile app & log in using your credentials. If you have not yet created these, tap FIRST TIME LOGIN and follow the on-screen instructions.
MFA 2 email.png 2. Once complete, tap EMAIL and check your inbox for an eight-digit verification code. MFA 3 email verify.png 3. Input the email code into the app in lowercase when prompted and press NEXT. MFA 4 passcode.png 4. Create a memorable 4-6 digit app passcode and re-enter it to confirm. If prompted, choose whether to enable face or fingerprint ID for app sign in. MFA 5 .png 5. You should now see a screen confirming that you are signed in. Tap MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION. MFA 6 link device.png 6. Select LINK DEVICE to complete your MFA set up.

Hints & tips

  • Signing into the app for the first time - if you do not yet have an account username and password, click FIRST TIME LOGIN and submit the required information to continue. Be sure to enter the phone number which is registered to the card.
  • Email verification code not received? Contact the Centtrip help team for assistance.
  • 'Transfer to another device’– if this message is displayed after tapping MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION, it may mean your account is linked to another device. Our help team can resolve this for you.
  • 'Check your time settings’ – this message indicates that the time on your device may be slightly out of sync, which can cause an issue for the time-sensitive verification codes. Please visit your device settings to ensure the time is correct.

For further tips, step-by-step images and information on what we use multi-factor authentication for at Centtrip, see our Multi-factor Authentication User Guide