What can I do from my account dashboard?

Your Centtrip dashboard is the first page you will see after signing into your desktop account. Your dashboard provides a real-time overview of all of your account and card balances in each currency, plus any recent transactions.

  • Balances - check the current balances of each currency held on your account and card(s), in real-time. Click any currency balance to view the transaction history.
  • Pending transactions - view details of any pending transactions, including date, currency, value and transaction type.
  • Live rates - get direct access to live currency market and quickly set up rate alerts and market orders.

Access all your main account features via the navigation bar:

  • Load Account - Before you can begin making the most of your account benefits, you need to ensure sufficient funds have been loaded. Learn more

  • Buy Currency - When you need to make a payment or load a card in a currency you don’t hold in your account, you can purchase the required currency at competitive rates within seconds. Learn more

  • Payments - Make fast, secure and cost-effective payments directly from your account. Pay individually or in batch and schedule payments effortlessly. Learn more

  • Load Cards - Transfer funds between your account and any associated cards in seconds. Cards can hold funds in up to 15 currencies and be used to make payments online or at point of sale, and to withdraw cash. Learn more

  • Recipients - View and add to your list of payees and suppliers, either individually or in batch, ready for future payments. Learn more

  • Transactions - See all your global card and account transactions in real time. Learn more

  • Reporting - Generate tailored reports and keep track of your card and account expenditure in real time. Learn more

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