What kind of payments can I make with Centtrip?

Centtrip enables you to make domestic or international payments without the hefty bank fees or conversion charges. You can make individual, ad hoc payments, or send multiple payments in batch, in one or more currencies. Plus, choose whether to send your payments right away, or schedule them for a later date.

What would you like to do?

Make a payment using account or card funds:

If you already hold sufficient funds on your Centtrip account or a Centtrip card, follow these steps to send an individual payment in the currency of your choice, domestically or internationally.

Convert currency to make a payment:

If you need to make a payment in a currency which you do not currently hold on your account, follow these steps to purchase currency, and select Bank Account from the 'I am sending money to' dropdown. Then simply choose the recipient.

Once processed, your purchased currency will be send directly to the specified beneficary.

If you have not yet added the recipient to your account,read this guide.

Send multiple payments in batch

Use our one-time batch payment feature to make payments to multiple recipients, in one or more currencies.

Simply upload a single spreadsheet containing all recipient account and payment details, and choose whether to send the payment right away or schedule for later.

If you do not yet hold the required currency/currencies, you can convert currency directly within your account.

Note - all payments are subject to your organisation's approval rules. If you require approval for payments, an administrator will need to grant this before your payment is processed.

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