How do I ensure there are no funds left on my consumer account by 31st March 2023?

Please follow the steps below to ensure any unused funds on your consumer Centtrip account or card by 31st March 2023.

Spend your funds

You can simply transfer any remaining account funds to your Centtrip card (follow these steps) and use your card in-store or online as normal until you have zero balance on your account or card.

If you hold multiple currencies, you can convert them instantly via your desktop account or the app.

- OR -

Transfer your funds

Alternatively, follow the steps below to transfer funds from your Centtrip account and card into your corporate bank account.

First, move card funds to your Centtrip account
  1. Sign into your desktop account and select Load Card
  2. Choose the currency you want to unload from your card.
  3. Select Card To Account as the transfer direction.
  4. Enter the amount left on your card and click 'TRANSFER IMMEDIATELY'.

You can also do this via the Centtrip app, by selecting Load Card and changing the transfer direction.

If you have multiple currencies, please repeat these steps to transfer them all to your account. Once you have zero balances on your card, you can proceed with the steps below.

Then, convert your Centtrip account funds

If you hold multiple currencies on your account, please visit Buy Currency to convert them into the relevant currency for the bank account you intend to move them to.

Finally, transfer Centtrip funds to your bank account

If you have not yet done so, set up your corporate bank account as a payment recipient, then follow the instructions below.

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