How do I reassign a spare card to a named user?

The 'Reassign Cards' feature can be used if you have ordered spare cards ahead of a project or requirement (eg. SPARE CARD 1 / SPARE CARD 2 etc) and are now ready to assign them to nominated users.

Reassigning a card will update the email address, date of birth and mobile number associated with the card, enabling the new user to sign into the account and manage the card.

Follow these steps to reassign a spare card -

To an existing user:
To a new user:

When should I use this feature?

You have ordered spare cards (eg. SPARE CARD 1 / SPARE CARD 2 etc) which you are now ready to assign to named users. YES
A card is registered to a generic email address (e.g. or and the person managing this card/inbox leaves. NO - Instead, please update card details.
You want to transfer a named card (i.e. to new person and email address. NO - Contact us to arrange a new card.

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