How can I update a cardholder's date of birth and mobile number?

Corporate Super Administrators are able to instantly update the date of birth (DOB) and mobile number associated with a card. These details are required for password reset, account activation and SMS PIN reminders.

When can this feature be used?

If an incorrect DOB or mobile number has been registered to a card, and you want to amend this. YES
If a card is registered to a generic email address (e.g. or and the person managing this card/inbox leaves - updating the DOB will enable their replacement to reset the account password and sign in. YES
Do not use this if you want to transfer a named card (i.e. to new person and email address altogether. Please contact Client Support to arrange a new card. NO
Do not use this feature if multiple cards are associated to the same email address - any updates to one card will automatically be applied to all other cards under that email address. NO
You have ordered spare cards ahead of a project or requirement (eg. SPARE CARD 1 / SPARE CARD 2 etc) and are ready to assign them to named users. NO - Please reassign card

How to update a DOB / mobile number:

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