Can I order spare or emergency cards?

Yes you can! Simply visit Manage Cards to place a card order in the usual way.

Enter SPARE ONE, TWO, THREE, or EMERGENCY ONE, TWO, THREE etc. (whatever you prefer) as the card names, and use placeholder details (such as your own) for the email address, mobile number and date of birth fields - you'll be able to change these later.

Keep your cards safe and secure until required.

When ready, use the Reassign Card feature to instantly assign cards to a new or existing user, and update the associated email, mobile and date of birth. This will enable the new user to reset the password, sign into the app and activate the card.

Please note - you will be unable to change the emboss name on the card.

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We're available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Contact us by email to or phone +44(0)2037351735. For help with lost or stolen cards outside these hours, please call +44(0)2071278130.