How do I export card expense statements and reports?

Apply custom fields and filters and export transaction data, with or without cardholder receipts, in a variety of formats to suit your requirements.

Watch 2-minute video -

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Follow these steps -

  1. Tailor your data to suit your requirements.
  2. Click either 'XLSX' or 'PDF', depending on your preference, and choose an export option (see below for more).
  3. You will receive an email once your report is ready. Visit 'REQUESTED REPORTS' to download it.

Export options:

  • Transactions only – easily edit and customise your data, to integrate with digital expense sheets, or to import into your accounting software.
  • With Urls – include links to each expense receipt to easily view or download, without having to sign in.
  • Transactions only – export professional transaction statements; useful for submitting expenses for final approval.
  • With images - the same professional PDF statement, with the addition of receipt images under each transaction line.
  • ZIP with attachments - instantly download all receipts to save locally, view or share.

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