How do I load my cards?

The Centtrip multi-currency Mastercard® offers the highest prepaid card balances and transaction limits on the market. Accepted in more than 210 countries and territories, it’s designed for your demanding, fast-paced world.

Follow the steps below to load card funds from your account and ensure you activate your card.

Load your cards with funds

LoadCard New.png

  1. Choose the currency you want to load – this needs to be one you already hold in your Centtrip account.
  2. Choose the transfer direction and move funds instantly between your account and your Centtrip card.
  3. If you manage multiple cards, you’ll be able to select the card you want to load funds from/to.
  4. Enter the amount you want to load and click TRANSFER IMMEDIATELY.

Hints and tips

  • Download the Centtrip Cardholder Guide - Once cards have been loaded, all cardholders will need to download this step-by-step guide for helpful tips on how to activate and make the most of your cards.
  • Move unused funds from a card back into your account. Simply select ‘Card to Account’ as the transfer direction.
  • If you want to load a currency you don’t currently hold in your account, you can purchase this from the Buy Currency page at competitive rates.
  • Load cards in batch - To load multiple cards with one or more currencies, complete the required fields and click ADD TO BATCH TRANSFER. Repeat the process for each new card or currency load. When complete, click EXECUTE BATCH to load all the cards and currencies in seconds.
  • Lost or stolen card- Instantly lock or unlock cards from your account or the app, via the SETTINGS menu.