What is a Corporate Super Administrator and what are their limits and permissions?

Corporate Super Administrators (CSAs) have access to the parent / corporate account, plus all associated Operating Accounts. They have the ability to create new users, manage permissions and limits, and instantly disable a user's access any time. This can all be managed within the 'User Management' dashboard.

When opening a new Corporate Centtrip account, the first user created will be a Corporate Super Administrator (CSA).

CSA Permissions & Limits

Account Access Status
Access to parent/corporate account YES
Access to all associated operating accounts YES
User Management Status
Create and add new Admin users to the account YES
Set and modify Admin user limits (not exceeding their own) YES
Disable an Admin user's access YES
Recipients Status
Create recipients without approval YES
Approve recipients created by account Admins YES
Payments Status
Send same currency payments without approval YES
Approve payments initiated by account Admins YES
Foreign Exchange Status
Convert currency to credit back to Centtrip account YES
Approve payments initiated by account Admins YES
Card Transfers Status
Able to transfer funds to/from Centtrip cards YES

The permissions above are subject to the following limits:

Limit Value per transaction
Same Currency Payments £100,000
Buy/Sell Currency £100,000
Transfer to Card £10,000

Please contact your account manager if you require different CSA limits.

How do I set up additional CSAs?

To nominate a CSA for your account, please complete our CSA Set-up Form and return this to help@centtrip.com. Please note - your completed form must be approved and signed by a company Director.

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