What is a Market Order and how do I set one up?

Take advantage of exchange rate fluctuations by setting a target rate and letting Centtrip watch the market for you. If the market reaches your target rate, we will automatically execute the buying or selling of your specified currency, day or night. So you don't have to worry about missing an FX opportunity.

Types of Market Order

1) Take Profit

A Take Profit Order enables you to take advantage of favorable market movements. Choose a target rate better than the current market level. If the market reaches your target rate, your order is automatically processed on your behalf. You can set this up directly within your Centtrip account.


2) Stop Loss

A Stop Loss Order can be used to stop further loss when an appreciating market starts to reverse. This protects you from purchasing currency at a poorer rate than expected or required. Choose a 'worst case' target rate that is weaker than the current market level and your order will be automatically executed if the market reaches this rate, protecting your profits. Contact our team to discuss or place a Stop Loss Order.


3) One Cancels Other

This is a combination of both a Take Profit Order and a Stop Loss. If the market appreciates and the Take Profit Order is triggered, the Stop Loss will automatically be cancelled. Conversely, if the Stop Loss is triggered the Take Profit Order will automatically be cancelled. These are enable you to take advantage of a positive market move, whilst protecting a key level. Get in touch to discuss a OCO order.


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