How do I enable Corporate Labels in the app?

Streamline your reconciliation by enabling Corporate Labels in the app. This allows cardholders to attach your pre-set labels to expenses in just a tap. All labels are linked to accounting codes (which the cardholder won't see), making it easy to map expenditure to your own accounting practices, with less manual work and fewer errors.

Corp Labels Template (4).png
  1. To begin, sign into your Centtrip account and click Manage Expenses from the Navigation bar.
  2. Click to open 'CORPORATE LABELS' and identify the Label Group(s) you want to add to the app.
  3. Use the 'SHOW IN APP' toggle to switch this Group on (you can switch it off again at any time).
  4. Cardholders will now be able to add your pre-set Corporate Labels to expenses via the app.
  5. Share our guides on how to attach Corporate Labels to expenses and upload receipts with your cardholders.

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