How do I add labels and receipts to my transactions?

Cardholders can instantly upload photo receipts and label transactions on the go, using the Centtrip app.

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 13.41.17.png

  1. From the 'Transactions' section of the Centtrip app, tap on the relevant transaction. At the bottom of the screen you will see two options, add ‘Labels’ or ’Add Receipt’.

  2. Add a Label: tap ‘Labels’, then either select an existing label or create a new one and tap ‘DONE’

  3. Add a Receipt: tap ‘Add Receipt’ and take a photo of your receipt, or choose one from your library.

Hints and tips

  • Download the Centtrip app for your iOS or Android device and access our Cardholder Guide for sign-in instructions.
  • View our quick guide on how to filter to show transactions with missing receipts.
  • Attachments are visible to corporate admins. They can be uploaded, viewed or downloaded from the 'Transactions' screen of the desktop account.