How do I accept a CenttripNow invitation?

CenttripNow enables funds to be transferred instantaneously between connected Centtrip accounts, completely free of charge - 7 days a week, day or night. All you need to do is connect the relevant accounts via the CenttripNow network.

To accept a CenttripNow invitation -

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  1. Sign into your Centtrip account and click Add Recipients.
  2. Click the ADD CENTTRIPNOW button.
  3. Submit the unique invitation code
  4. Remember to share your own code with anyone you would like to send instant payments to.

Don't yet have a Centtrip account?

You can apply for a Centtrip account securely online.

What are the benefits of a Centtip account?

Manage all your deposits, inflows, payments, expenses and foreign exchange in 15 major currencies from a single account, wherever you are.

  • Deposit and manage 15 major currencies in unlimited amounts
  • Make domestic and international payments in seconds
  • Send or receive free, instant payments from accounts in your CenttripNow network
  • Enoy the highest prepaid card balances and spend limits with the Centtrip card
  • Move funds between accounts and cards, instantly and securely
  • Create separate cost centres, with tiered permissions and budgets
  • Convert all major currencies at live-market rates
  • Generate tailored, real-time, anytime reports to keep track of spend
  • Integrate with your accounting and finance systems


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