Can I use my card to make contactless payments?

Yes! Being able to make contactless payments on the go with your Centtrip card is a simple and convenient method for making purchases.  

However, from time to time you will still be required to insert your card into a card-reader and enter your PIN to verify the payment.  This is to help prevent fraud and keep your money secure, wherever you are around the world.

There are also daily and cumulative limits to how much you can spend on your card using the contactless method, which can vary by both country and retailer. So, if you find that a contactless transaction has been declined, despite having available funds, don't panic.  Simply try inserting your card in to the card reader and enter your PIN to complete the purchase.  This will allow you to overcome any possible contactless limits you may have reached, as well as ensuring contactless payments are enabled for future purchases.

If after successfully making a purchase using your PIN you find you are still unable to make contactless purchases, please contact Centtrip Support so that we may investigate further.

Please note, if your card is new, contactless payments will not be enabled until you have made a purchase using your PIN.

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