How do I export reports from Centtrip?

Manage your business expenditure and save valuable time with our suite of reporting templates. From the Reporting page you can create and tailor much more comprehensive reports that meet your exact requirements for analysis and reconciliation, showing real time or historic transactions.

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  1. If you have multiple groups or accounts, you can choose which you would like to include in your report.
  2. Select a custom date range.
  3. View account expenditure across the globe, or focus on a particular currency.
  4. Choose from our selection of ready-made report templates.

Hints & Tips

  • Select a base currency for your report. Using the dropdown menu to select a base currency will convert your global transactions, payments and spending into your preferred currency, for simpler reconciliation and control.
  • Include currencies with zero balance and no movement. Tick the checkbox to view all accounts and/or cards in your report, regardless of whether there has been any activity.
  • Generate an exchange rate report. Get a snapshot view of current exchange rates across all your available currencies. Click EXCHANGE RATE REPORT from the reporting page and select your base currency (the one you would be converting from). Click GENERATE REPORT to download the exchange rate report.
Last updated on 13th November 2020

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