What can I do with the Centtrip app?

Check Balances and Transactions

  1. Open the app to view all your transactions in real-time.
  2. Tap the search icon to filter transactions by currency, missing receipts, labels or type.
  3. Select ‘YOUR BALANCES’ at the bottom of the screen to check balances across all the currencies you hold on your card.

Upload Labels and Receipts

  1. Open the app and tap on a transaction to get started.

  2. Add Labels... - tap to enter your own custom labels. These can be anything that will help you identify or provide more information about the expense.

  3. Select Corporate Label... - add your organisation's pre-set labels to expenses. Start by selecting a Label Group (there may be multiple) to view the associated labels, and simply tap to add one.

  4. Add receipt... - there's no need to hold onto paper receipts or submit manual expense forms. Tap 'Add receipt' to take a quick photo and upload in seconds, as and when you spend.

labels and receipts 2

Instantly lock or unlock your card

  1. Open the Centtrip app and press the menu icon to expand.

  2. Select ‘Lock or Unlock Card’.

  3. Use the slider to instantly lock/unlock the relevant card.

Reveal your PIN

  1. Open the Centtrip app and tap the menu icon to open app 'SETTINGS'
  2. Select ‘Pin’ from the menu
  3. Tap ‘Reveal’ and enter your security details or use Touch ID / Face ID
  4. Your PIN will be shown on screen for 5 seconds
PIN reveal

Find your nearest ATM

  1. Tap the app menu icon to open 'SETTINGS'
  2. Select 'Atm Locator'
  3. Enter your location to search.
atm finder

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