How do I add a new recipient (payee)?

To begin enjoying fast, secure and cost-effective domestic and international payments, first you need to create your Centtrip list of suppliers and payees. You can do this quickly and easily by adding them to your Recipients list, either individually on an ad hoc basis, or in batch.

Let us walk you through it:

Sign into your account and then click here to get a quick tutorial. Note: you must be signed in first.

- OR -

Follow the steps below:

Recipients New.png
  1. Click ADD RECIPIENT and enter the account and payment details of your new payee into the form.
  2. Note - you must select the currency you intend to make payment(s) to this recipient in. To send payments in another currency, please set up your recipient for each currency.
  3. You will need to verify your new recipient as a Trusted Payee. Select your preferred verification method from the dropdown; Email or Mobile App.
  4. Follow on-screen instructions to enter your app or email generated security code and 'SUBMIT'.

Hints & tips

  • Anyone with approval rights will be notified of your request by email. If approval is not required your new payee will be set up immediately.
  • Unable to authenticate using the app? Change the ‘One Time Authenticator’ dropdown to ‘One Time Email’ and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Please ensure you enter a nickname when completing the new recipient form. This field is required and makes it easier for you to find and manage your payees.
  • Click the star icon to favourite recipients you need to pay regularly.
  • Save time by uploading multiple payees in batch. Click UPLOAD RECIPIENTS at the top of the Recipients page and follow the on-screen instructions.

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