Why are Centtrip’s bank details changing and how does this affect me?

We've worked with our prepaid card issuer, Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) to ensure that your service is not disrupted at the end of the Brexit transition phase. You will receive the same regulated payments services, but this will now be provided through their affiliated company, PFS Card Services Ireland Limited (PCSIL).

What does this mean for me?

The payment details used to load funds to your Centtrip account were updated on 17th December 2020. From this date onwards, please ensure you use the new details when making a transfer to your Centtrip account.

This does not affect the bank accounts you use for foreign exchange trades so please continue to use the same details, which will be provided when you book a trade through Centtrip.

How do I access the new bank details?

You can access them securely from within your account. Simply sign in, visit Load Account and select a currency to view the correct bank details.

What happens if I load my account using the old details in error?

If you make a transfer using the old details after 31st December, the funds will be rejected and returned to your corporate bank account. You will need to make the transfer again using the new details.

Last updated on 17th December 2020