What is a 'Corporate Super Administrator' and how do they create new users and manage permissions?

A Corporate Super Administrator (CSA) has the ability to create new admin users, manage permissions and limits, or instantly disable a user's access any time. All from within their account settings.

Please contact Centtrip support to learn more or nominate a CSA for your account.

(Note - all CSAs must be pre-authorised by a senior account administrator.)

How to Add or Manage Users as a CSA:

Super Admin Final.png

  1. After signing into your account, click or hover over the settings icon and select 'Corporate Super Admin Menu'. You will only see this if you are a CSA.

  2. Choose ‘CSA Create Admin’ and use the dropdown menu to select an account. A list of all current users will then appear.

  3. Click 'ADD' to create a new user, enter their email address and click ‘CHECK’ to ensure the email is not already in use.

  4. Enter the new user's details into the form, set their permissions and limits and click ‘SAVE’.

  5. An email will be sent to the new user asking them to verify their email address and create their login credentials. Once verified, ‘User Validated’ will switch to the 'on' position.

  6. Click ‘EDIT’ to instantly amend permissions or disable user access any time. Disabled users will still appear in your list but ‘Site access’ will be in the ‘off’ position.

Hints and tips

  • 'Site Access' field - indicates whether or not a user's access has been disabled. Click 'EDIT' to change this anytime.
  • 'User Validated' field - indicates whether or not a user has verified their email address and created login credentials.
  • Instant verfication reminders can be sent by clicking the 'RESEND EMAIL' button under the ‘User Validated’ column.
  • Please ensure the correct date of birth is entered when creating a new user, as this will be required for a password reset.
  • A CSA will not be able to set user permissions/limits that are higher than their own.
  • Once a user has been created, you will not be able to edit their personal details. Please contact Centtrip to amend these.
Last updated on 17th March 2021